Knowledge Driven Development (KDD)

Using Knowledge Map principles, a basic visualisation of the Knowledge Driven Development (KDD – a new project delivery methodology) is demonstrated in the case study below that aims to digitise knowledge in the project delivery called the project knowledge. KDD is detailed in this book.

Case Study

Capturing of the validity of the passport and the driving license when they are used for KYC (Know Your Customer) purpose while opening a bank account is introduced in the form of digital project knowledge via this case study. The digital project knowledge is first displayed in the section below in the form of 22 inventories of 9 building blocks and when an inventory is clicked all the related inventories (via tags) are displayed. Width of the line represents the strength of the relationship. The project knowledge is not complete and it may also not be accurate. The objective is to demonstrate the basic visualisation of KDD. In the subsequent section, any potential inconsistency in the project knowedge can also be investigated. In the last section, inventories can be searched based on multiple criteria.

KDD Building Blocks

Project knowledge is scoped in 17 constituents named as 'building blocks':

Requirement (RQ)
Process (PR)
Application (AP)
Non functional attribute (NF)
Product (PD)
Business Data (BD)
Business Rule (BR)
Message (MS)
Communication (CM)
Offline transaction (OT)
Scenario (SN)
Screen (SR)
Report (RP)
Process Step (PS)
Data (DT)
Logic (LG)
Project Test Case (TS)

Each of these building blocks will have instantiations such as three specific requirements (RQ01, RQ02 and RQ03) called inventories of requirement. Related inventories are linked together forming a mesh of digital project knowledge. Care should be taken so that each inventory represents the lowest logical unit of information in order to ensure traceability remains unambiguous. The KDD proposition is explained in the slideshare link.

Build your own case study

If you want to play with the KDD visualisation, click here.

Digital project knowledge


Digital project knowledge - Integrity checks

List of inventories of 'Building block - 1' not linked with any of the inventory of 'Building block - 2':


Search among the inventory collection